Growing up in my household with 4 other Persian women let me tell you a beautician was needed! Not that we were hairier then others OK maybe a little! Having dark hair was definitely a challenge so I became the beautician, the makeup artist and the hairdresser of the family. From a young age I developed a deep passion for art and beauty and perfecting my sisters eyebrows became my obsession, I know I know it sounds intense but shaping eyebrows was like art for me.

Being the perfectionist that I am I wanted to be flawless in my skills and advance my knowledge in health and beauty. In 2008 I started my journey and graduated from WA Institute Of Beauty Therapy and commenced working for Ella Bache Perth and continued on my employment in Melbourne. In 2010 I followed my passion and started working as a senior brow stylist for benefit brow bar Chadstone Melbourne. Within a year I mastered my skills and started my own business & years later I still share the same passion and much more.